Are You Looking for a Great Naturopathic Physician?

Baum's in Highland is happy to be partnering with Dr. Jodi Barnett, ND. - Naturopathic Physician, QFA (Quantitative Fluid Analysis) Technician, Orthomolecular Nutritional Coach, Gaps Diet Practitioner, and a Raw Foods Coach. Jodi digs deep into how your body is working- for you and against you. She’ll figure out where the imbalances are and help you fix them. She also offers Quantitative Fluid Analysis which measures overall immunity, circulation, lymphatic drainage, liver, adrenal, kidney, thyroid, and pancreas function. The QFA will also read your overall state of digestion, detoxification, energy production, and hydration.

Here's What Jodi Says About What She Offers
"I will teach you to master the ability of listening to your body when it is speaking to you through symptoms, and together, we will figure out what it needs. I want you to live longer, I want you to age appropriately, I want those wrinkles to soften and for you to have beautiful skin. I want you to lose weight if necessary, and have more energy. I want your organs to thrive and to stay in good shape for your entire life. I want what your body wants and I work aggressively to ensure that it happens. I do this by becoming an interactive figure in your life. I partner with the part of you that motivates you to act and get healthy and I battle against the part of you that tries to stop you from achieving great health. I do this until habits merge with your goals. I specialize in: Fatigue, Diabetes support thru nutritional changes, Achieving healthy weight, Cardiovascular support thru nutrition, IBS/Chronic constipation issues, Kidney support thru nutrition, Hormonal Endocrine support, Health promotion (detox) Pre-Diabetes, Fertility support thru nutrition and detox and lifestyle changes, Disease prevention thru lifestyle changes. Is it time for you to listen to your body and reach out to me now; because if you do, I promise that you will not be disappointed! Renewed health and a reaching a deeper knowledge on how you can achieve your health goals is what I want for each and every one of you!"

If you would like to book an appointment or would like more information, please call our Highalnd store location at: 219-922-1050. Invest in your health and reap rewards beyond measure!

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