Don’t Make Me Laugh! I Gotta Go!

An estimated 51% of women and 14% of men over age 20 in the United States experience urinary incontinence. Those staggering numbers have spawned an industry of new products aimed at helping lessen the shame and hassle. Everything from pee-proof underwear to leak-stopping pads are merely a Band-Aid for symptoms. Until recently, many doctors' standard advice for dealing with incontinence was a vague recommendation to do kegels, leaving many women confused and frustrated by the lack of results. Over the years, the nutraceuticle industry has offered products with at least some semblance of relief, but with more research and studies, there are new products on the market that really seem to work for a lot of people.

Here are some we have had the best feedback on from our customers:

Extra Strength Continence Max from Solaray
Flowtrol is a proprietary herbal blend that includes pumpkin seed extract, cranberry extract, morinda root extract, psoralea fruit extract, raspberry extract and alpinia extract. chosen for their potential to support bladder control and strength.

Securi-T from Life Seasons
Formulated to give both men and women all-natural support for incontinence issues. When taken daily for thirty to sixty days users may notice that their urge to urinate frequently becomes less and people who regularly have accidents may reduce or even diminish their accidents completely.

SagaPro from Terry Naturally
SagaPro is an extract of Angelica archangelica leaves. It is clinically proven to be ideal for men and women looking to support bladder strength and urinary tract function.

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