How Well Do You Manage Stress? It Can Mean the Difference Between Life & Death!

Nearly 70% of the population identifies as being significantly stressed, so it’s no wonder that mental health conditions are on the rise. Naturopathic medicine and other alternative health practitioners recognize a collection of symptoms caused by prolonged, chronic stress that they term “adrenal fatigue”. Adrenal fatigue is characterized by high levels of prolonged mental, emotional and physical stress, low energy, insomnia, and depressive symptoms such as, low mood, apathy and lack of enjoyment in previously enjoyed activities, changes to sleep, weight, appetite and energy levels. Whether symptoms of chronic stress are misdiagnosed as mild to moderate depression in people, or whether lifestyle stress is the cause of physiological depression, there is often a significant stressor that complicates symptoms of low mood in most people.

Healing the adrenals!
Using herbs, nutrition and stress-reduction techniques is important for improving your health – it just may save your life!
Rhodiola - supports the body’s ability to resist physical, chemical and biological stress.
Holy Basil – Compounds in Holy Basil have bee shown in clinical trials to nourish the pancreas and specifically regenerate healthy, new beta cells.
Schizandra – Aids the body’s ability to increase physical performance and resist stress.
Ashwagandha – Used traditionally to support natural energy levelsand moderate the effects of occasional stress, studies have shown it has a rejuvenation effect.
Eleuthero - Adaptogens, like Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) specifically improve the health of your adrenal system which is in charge of managing your body’s response to stress.
L-Tyrosine - Supports energy & motivation, promotes focus & mental clarity, improves mood & stress response.

One visit to Baums and you could undo some of the physical and mental damage that stress has created! We are happy to point you in the right direction.

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